Thursday, June 30, 2011

Imagine More - Owls

I was having a little problem cutting owls, so there were a lot of them, and since we were camping and had a lot of time hand cut a lot of the here are some owl cards.

I made the second one after I got home, and it has ribbon!!!!  But I kind of like the first one, I like the little guy standing in the flowers.  Hummm, maybe I should add some glitter glue in the centers of the flowers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Imagine More - Parrot

I made this parrot card while camping.  I think it turned out nice, but I really had it in my mind to put on green paper instead of cream (which doesn't show up very well),  I accidentally put something else on my green card and didn't have any more. 

So when I got back I made another one on green paper, and of course I had to work my ribbon and bow in.  I put brads in the flowers for the middle and mounted them with glue dots so the brads didn't have to go through the card.
I'll have more in a day or two!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Create A Critter

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted new cards, I've been camping last week.  While I was gone I made some cards with the imagine machine.  I had printed and cut some stuff from Better Together cartridge then put them together at the lake.  Those will be coming soon because I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet.  For now here are some cards I made with Create A Critter cartridge.


While I was at the lake I got some pictures of the Duckett fire burning near Westcliffe, some great sunset pictures, and an antelope.  Just click on my flicker link at the bottom of the page to see them! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review Cricut Imagine

I've had a week or two to play with my new Cricut Imagine machine.  I really like being able to print and cut at the same time.  The layouts on the imagine cartridges are cute and can be split into different layers and re-sized which is very cool.  You can print and cut the layers and use pop dots between them to give some dimension to your layouts.

Being a scrap booker (both regular and digital), card maker, and photographer I thought it would be really cool to be able to print and cut a photo or a photo with a border around it, or make a card and type my own sentiment in it.  You can't do that.  It will print sentiments if you have them on one of your cartridges, either imagine or regular.  You can change the color or use a color/pattern from an imagine cartridge.  It seems like you should be able to print from your computer just like a regular printer and cut.

Another thing I find very aggravating is the way it cuts your layouts.  It doesn't let you move things around on the mat even with gypsy like you can with a personal cricut or cricut expression, so it tends to waste a lot of paper.  I spend a lot of time trying to put big things on one line all the way across and little things on the next line all the way across.

Also, the mats aren't sticky enough.  You can't use the mats on the imagine like you can the other cutters placing different colored pieces of papers in different spots.  It just isn't sticky enough. 

I hope Provo Craft fixes some of these things.  It seems like they cripple an expensive machine that could be very cool if it had the proper software and/or drivers.  It ought to be able to be used for so much more. 

That being said here are some things made with it using Imagine More cartridge.

For my dad for Father's Day-I didn't have a Happy Father's day stamp.

I used glitter glue for the center of the flowers and used pop dots to lift the bottom of the wing. . . It's a prettier than the picture shows
No sentiment yet, I raised the butterfly wings with pop dots and curled them under, I also raised the bird except I did glue the legs down.  I could see them bending and curling if I had just left them.  I also used glitter glue on the butterfly spots and birds eyes.
Does anyone else have any Imagine comments, or feel the same?

I made some book markers too, but I can't find where I saved them.  Will post as soon as I find them :{   Have a nice day and a happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paper Doll Dress Up - Wagons West

I have three cards today. There was a challenge to make a man's birthday card and it had to be something with wheels.  I decided to make a wagon, and I made three different ones to see which one I liked best.  I didn't get them done in time for the challenge, but here they are.  My favorite is the last one, maybe the second one.  I used the accessory setting on Paper Doll Dress up for the wagon.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hoppy Birthday - Animal Kingdom

Since I haven't posted for a long time I thought I'd do two cards today.  I haven't posted this card because I'm going to give it to my daughter for her birthday (she really likes frogs).  I used several cartridges for this layout, the frog from Animal Kingdom, The mushroom is from Cindy Loo.  The sentiment "Hoppy Birthday" was made from Gypsy Font and Old West. The frog is on pop dots and has little jewel eyes.

Happy Birthday Angie, Have a nice day!

Monkeying Around - Create A Critter

Here's a card I made with the monkey in Create A Critter,  I cut two of the curved vines for the top, assembled the monkey and banana and placed them so the monkey looks like it's swinging.  It has no sentiment yet!